Resident Evil Umbrella Corps Set After the Events of Resident Evil 6; Won’t Feature a Leveling System

Resident Evil Umbrella Corps Set After the Events of Resident Evil 6; Won’t Feature a Leveling System

Capcom revealed its competitive multiplayer shooter Resident Evil Umbrella Corps, based in the Resident Evil universe. But when exactly does this game take place?

The game’s producers Masachika Kawata and James Vance provided some more detail on Resident Evil Umbrella Corps’ setting and its leveling system.

Kawata-san answered first on the setting by saying that the game is set after the events of Resident Evil 6, which is a bit strange, because fans of the series know that at that time, Umbrella Corps was already destroyed.

“The game is not a hypothetical, “what-if” side scenario. Umbrella Corps is set in the present day of Resident Evil, which means it’s after the events of Resident Evil 6. It’s almost in an ironic way that we’re using the title Umbrella Corps. If you know your Resident Evil lore, Umbrella no longer exists at this time in the universe; it’s been destroyed. There’s definitely a kind of a background of the Resident Evil universe that forms the basis of the game’s premise.”

He and Vance continued to elaborate on how the game has no leveling system, instead, it focuses on the player getting better by experience and trail-and-error with the different loadouts the game offers.

“We’re taking the approach that, rather than having the character you play as level up as a concrete number or strength or whatever else, you’re the one who gains the experience and knowledge by playing the game; you’re the one who gets better. There’s a points-based system in the game where as you do things, you earn points that can be used to get customizable options for your character and so forth. But we’re not locking it into a system where you’re getting a more powerful character just by playing for a longer time. You’re the one who has to become more powerful yourself as a player.”

“We have three weapon layouts here at the show, and a lot of thought has gone into how they differentiate from one another, rather than just having ten machine guns with minor cosmetic differences. The things that will differentiate players are the weapons they choose to use and which special items they choose to use, not just a level number.”

Resident Evil Umbrella Corps will be available for the PS4 and PC in 2016.