Resident Evil: Village Cosplay Conjures Up One of Lady Dimitrescu’s Daughters

Move over Lady Dimitrescu, there's a new girl on the block in this brilliant Resident Evil: Village cosplay.

We all know about Resident Evil: Villages‘ Lady Dimitrescu and how the internet exploded in one massive thirst trap as soon as everyone laid eyes on the extremely “Tall Vampire Lady”. Unfortunately, due to Lady Dimitrescu’s elegant 8-foot tall hour-glass frame and those broad “I’ll break you in half” shoulders, her daughters have been somewhat shoved out of the limelight and have had to lay in the shadow of her presence – until now that is. Feast your eyes on this wonderful cosplay of one of the daughters from Resident Evil: Village who might make you forget all about that tall woman. Maybe.

Kayla Erin, a cosplayer and Twitch streamer from Australia, has taken on one of the “daughters” who operate under Lady Dimitrescu’s command and who also seems to love a bit of man blood as seen in the Resident Evil Showcase last week. Highlighting that man blood, Kayla splashes some gory crimson paint across her mouth for this stunning cosplay and also places in some scary contacts to make her eyes pop.

Pushing her Resident Evil: Village cosplay a bit further, Kayla even adds in the little details that include the hooded short cape with Victorian-looking brooches attached to it, a choker infused with a ruby stone, and a long-chained necklace with a number of strange items hanging from it. The only thing that’s missing is all of those flies but I can see why Kayla would want to sit that one out.

It really is a stunning and well-made cosplay, so much so that it would surely give Lady Dimitrescu a run for her money. Speaking of which, I hope to see plenty of “Tall Vampire Lady” cosplays in the upcoming weeks that I’m sure will prove to be very interesting indeed. In the meanwhile, don’t forget to give Kayla a follow on Twitter to see what she comes up with next and if you’re into video games, cosplay, and dad jokes, check her out the next time she is live over on Twitch.

Throughout the Resident Evil Showcase from Capcom, fans not only got their hungry eyes on some gameplay for the title but we also got the reveal of the Maiden demo, which was announced and consequently released exclusively for PS5. During the demo, viewers may have gotten a teaser of the backstory about the mysterious Tall Lady, Lady Dimitrescu. If video game box art is your thing, Capcom revealed cover images that could possibly point to some spoilers for the game.

Resident Evil: Village will release for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May 7, 2021. A new demo called Maiden is available now for those with a PS5.

Rachael Fiddis

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