Resident Evil: Village Demo May Have Revealed Vampire Woman’s Backstory

Resident Evil: Village Demo May Have Revealed Vampire Woman’s Backstory

Resident Evil: Village "Maiden" demo revealed more backstory about the mysterious vampire woman, but also left us with plenty of questions.

During the Resident Evil Showcase from Capcom, we not only got a first look at Resident Evil: Village (and a certain giant vampire woman who stole everyone’s hearts) but reveal of the Maiden demo, which was announced and consequently released exclusively for PS5. The demo has players taking on the role of a character named “the Maiden” instead of Ethan Winters (the protagonist in Village), and tasks players with trying to escape from its ominous mansion.

The vampire woman’s true name has been revealed as Alcina Dimitrescu and according to her official description she’s described as: “The mistress of the castle that overlooks the village. A towering woman with bewitching looks.” Through snippets alone, fans have been able to piece together more information about the lore and Alcina’s backstory.

During the demo a noted dated from 1958 details the events surrounding someone who worked at the castle, and mentions a “mistress” and her three daughters. They assure this person that “they wouldn’t bite.” At one point the note’s author is slashed in the face by a Miss Daniela (a possible daughter) and later on when the author opens a window all three daughters shout at them to close it immediately. This note is over 60 years and the four women mentioned in it are still clearly alive and well.

There’s another note that details the winemaking process known to the Dimitrescu family that Alcina still uses herself. This process serves to “enrich the wine’s flavor intensity” and “bestow it with a thick bouquet,” and Alcina’s best vintage is Sanguis Virginis which means “maiden’s blood.” When Maiden examines a drinking glass after finding a list dividing names into candidates and rejects, she finds blood on it. Putting it together, Maiden provides the “maiden’s blood” for the wine.

During the recently released gameplay trailer, there’s an interesting conversation that Alcina has with a mysterious Mother Miranda:

“Mother Miranda, I regret to inform you that Ethan Winters has escaped that fool Heisenberg.

“… because he is in my castle and has already proven too much for my daughters to handle.

“When I find him… No… Yes, of course. I understand the importance of the ceremony.”

According to the castle section of the official website there are four houses: House Dimitrescu, House Heisenberg, House Beneviento, and House Moreau. And in the center of the image showing the house crests appears to be the Umbrella corporation symbol:


Capcom stated that the Maiden demo will give players “a real feel for the visuals and audio” that they’ll experience in the final game this spring. And it seems that this demo has given us so much more, in both answers and even more questions. Beware of spoilers, however, as hackers may have leaked the entire plot of the game online.

As a cross-gen title coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC, Resident Evil: Village is currently releasing on May 7th, 2021.