Resident Evil Village Ending Explained - Ethan, Rose, Chris, Mia

What happens to Ethan at the end of the game

By Mehrdad Khayyat

May 7, 2021

Here is Resident Evil Village ending explained with emphasis on each character’s destiny.

Resident Evil Village is a direct sequel to Capcom’s widely admired Resident Evil 7 that was released earlier in the last generation of consoles. Following the story of Ethan, Chris, and Mia, the game takes everything one step further to an eerie village where many questions are going to be answered.

Despite showing off the destiny of almost every important character of the game, Resident Evil Village, of course, has its own mysteries that leave the final answer to the imagination of the players, or maybe the next instalment of the franchise.

Why The Resident Evil: Village Demo is Genius

Why The Resident Evil: Village Demo is Genius
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Resident Evil Village Ending Explained

In order to make it easier for you to follow the destiny of each character separately, we are going to break down the ending of the story based on the characters. (Thanks a lot, GameRevolution!)

Mother Miranda

Once Ethan defeats the mutated Heisenberg, he meets Mother Miranda, who tells Ethan that soon enough Rose will be reborn as her own daughter, and then heavily injures Ethan.

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Awakened in the Duke’s carriage, Ethan finds out that he himself is also a Molded. Ethan died a few years earlier in the Baker’s house when he was hit by Jack in the head.

With lots of injuries and while turning into ash, Ethan confronts Mother Miranda for the last time and manages to defeat her. Mother Miranda turns into stone and then crashes to the floor.

Chris Redfield, Eveline, and Mia

In the meantime, Ethan is unconscious after defeating Heisenberg while Chris clears his way towards Megamycete. He plants a bomb inside the Megmycete and decides to detonate it after rescuing Rose. On his way to find Rose, Chris finds a laboratory that belongs to Mother Miranda.

The documents found inside the lab unfolds the whole story behind Eveline, Mother Miranda, the Village, and Rose. Hundreds of years earlier, when the Spanish Influenza pandemic occurred, Mother Miranda lost her daughter, Eva.

When attempting to end her life in a cave after losing her daughter, Miranda was accidentally infected by Megamycete and then discovered the power behind this substance, which absorbs the consciousness and memories of everyone buried in the soil.

After experimenting with the Megamycete in various ways on the villagers, Miranda gave a sample of the mold and Eva’s DNA to a group called ‘The Connections’, which led to the creation of Resident Evil 7‘s Eveline, and then the birth of Rose. With Rose’s superhuman abilities, Miranda was sure that Rose is the key to bring Eva back to life.

Meanwhile, Chris finds the real Mia trapped inside the lab. He sets her free and rushes to help Ethan, finding him in a fight over Rose with Mother Miranda.

Chris then grabs Rose and heads toward a helicopter from BSAA to escape the village along with Mia, leaving Ethan to detonate the bomb in Megamycete.


After beating Miranda, knowing he’s a Molded too, Ethan forces Chris, Mia, and Rose to leave, while running towards the bomb to detonate it. Ethan successfully detonates the bomb and buries the whole village under the explosion, which leads to the death of himself as well.

Resident Evil Village Post-Credits Scene

The post-credits scene showcases a blond-haired teenage girl showing respect to Ethan’s grave. She is likely Rose after so many years, still securing her superhuman abilities but probably using them in a peaceful way, unlike Eveline.

Of course, the post-credits scene has a lot to discuss and imagine about the future, but it will probably be brought up in the sequel to the game if there happens to be another.

Resident Evil Village is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC.

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