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Resident Evil Village Fan Art of Lady Dimitrescu May Leave You Begging for More

Resident Evil Village's Lady Dimitrescu is a permanent fixture in our minds now so let's check out some art fan of the dark mistress.

January 27, 2021

Resident Evil Village seems to be the words on gamer’s lips right now and it has everything to do with Lady Dimitrescu, the tall mistress who roams the castle with her daughters in Capcom’s latest installment into the series.

We’ve seen some incredible cosplays from the game that includes Daniela, a mutant human resident to Castle Dimitrescu, who lives with two other mutants whom she regards as “sisters” and also, of course, a fabulous cosplay of the “Tall Lady” herself, Alcina Dimitrescu so it’s of no surprise that talented artists in the Resident Evil community would want to sketch this elegantly dangerous vampire woman. Without further ado, let’s check out a collection of some of the best fan art pieces that have been shared over on Reddit.


This first piece of fan art by WrestlingIsJay shows Lady Dimitrescu as the new villain entering into the Resident Evil universe and, of course, she towers over the entire gang.

“The newcomer”, fanart by me from r/residentevil

Up next we have Reddit user Corazon_4 showcasing their “Tall Lady” art which sees Alcina Dimitrescu grinning sheepishly while exposing her huge claws. I wouldn’t want to be on the business end of those!

Resident Evil 8 Village Mommy caught you! from r/residentevil

Alex Ahad, Skullgirls lead artist, turned their hand to drawing Lady Dimitrescu and her “daughter” Daniela who is covered in those pesky flies again. It’s beautifully drawn, especially so with how the light reflects onto Alcina Dimitrescu’s face as she portrays the image of a sophisticated woman with her cup of tea when in reality, she’d slash you from head to toe.

Alex Ahad, Skullgirls lead artist drew Alcina Dimitrescu and her daughter. from r/salty

This rather sinister one by achzart really highlights the inner monster that Lady Dimitrescu truly is. With those wide, yellow eyes glaring down at you and a mouth that looks like it could open and swallow you whole, it certainly makes for an uncomfortable piece of art. Maybe not something you’d want hanging on your bedroom wall. Although, there are definitely people who’d want that.

Lady Dimitrescu : instagram @achzart from r/residentevil

Sit back, wipe your brow and take a deep breath as some more of the Lady Dimitrescu fan art continues by scrolling below. It’s incredible how fast talented artists are able to get these drawings out. I’m certain we will see much more of the mistress, either in cosplay or in an art form, as we make our way up to Resident Evil Village‘s release date in May.

Lady Dimitrescu and her Girls by SNEGOVSKI from r/residentevil

RE:8/Village, but it’s Kale and Cabba from DragonBall Super. from r/salty

Big fan of Lady Dimitrescu so far from r/residentevil

My Lady Dimitriscu fanart I wanted to share. from r/residentevil

Throughout the Resident Evil Showcase from Capcom, fans not only got their hungry eyes on some gameplay for the title but we also got the reveal of the Maiden demo, which was announced and consequently released exclusively for PS5. During the demo, viewers may have gotten a teaser of the backstory about the mysterious Tall Lady, Lady Dimitrescu. If video game box art is your thing, Capcom revealed cover images that could possibly point to some spoilers for the game.

Resident Evil: Village will release for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May 7, 2021. A new demo called Maiden is available now for those with a PS5.

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