Resident Evil Village Well-Known Leaker Hints at Mature Content and Nudity

Resident Evil Village Well-Known Leaker Hints at Mature Content and Nudity

Lady Dimitrescu and her witches probably have some special surprises for you in Resident Evil Village.

Even more than its official announcement in Summer 2020, Resident Evil Village received a huge amount of attention from gamers since Capcom revealed the main antagonist of the game, Lady Dimitrescu, in the recent gameplay showcase. The lady and her witches have already received a lot of positive feedback, but some new rumors suggest that there are more to be shown when it comes to the mature content.

Mostly, the Resident Evil entries have been rated for Mature people due to their high-level horror and violent environment, but in Resident Evil Village, there’s another side to this mature content as well. According to AestheticGamer, one of the trustworthy leakers for Resident Evil games, there are going to be some nudity scenes in the upcoming entry of the franchise, but you might not like it. Before getting into details, make sure to avoid reading the next paragraph if you don’t want to hear any kind of spoilers about the game, even the minor ones.

As the source reveals, whenever you kill one of Lady Dimitrescu’s witches, they are naked for a moment, but right after they turn into some spider-like creatures that might not seem as enjoyable for you as their previous form. So, the spoil is you will probably be able to kill the witches, which is not shocking at all as they work for the antagonist. However, if there is a way to finish the game without killing them, probably players would appreciate Capcom a lot.

In addition to the mature content, AestheticGamer also confirmed that there are some open-world areas in Resident Evil Village. He believes that the game is mostly focused on exploration in open-world areas, described as Metroidvania by the developers.

Resident Evil Village will be launched on May 7 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. There’s a free demo of the game available on PS5 right now called Maiden.