Resident Evil Village Steam Tags Reveal It Could Have "Open World" Elements

Resident Evil Village may have "open-world" elements when it launches in May if the game's updated Steam tags are to be believed.

January 26, 2021

Capcom just revealed that Resident Evil Village is coming this May. However, the news doesn’t stop there. Unless, of course, you don’t consider people digging through the game’s updated Steam tags as potential news. Either way, thanks to the folks over at Rely on Horror, we know that, after the announcement, Capcom updated RE‘s Steam tags to include both “Open World” and “Sexual Content.” I’m sure the latter tag has all you fans of the tall lady particularly intrigued.

However, I’m personally more excited at the thought of a Resident Evil game with an open-world approach. And I’m not the only one. Users on Twitter reached out to proven RE leaker AestheticGamer to see if they had any extra insight. You can see the exchange below for yourself, but the important part is that Capcom seems to be throwing around the term “Metroidvania”, which has my heart all aflutter.


As a big fan of classic Resident Evil titles, I’ll always be fond of run-down mansions and grimy science facilities. That said, I’m more than willing to let the team experiment. Especially considering how well the series has been doing of late. And really, this news isn’t that surprising if you’ve given the Resident Evil Village Collector’s Edition a look.

That collection includes a map of the titular village. There, you can see what looks like a sizeable landmass for you to explore. It’s very easy to imagine the team using RE‘s famous puzzle solving to block off areas and provide players with shortcuts over time. I expect it won’t go full Metroidvania, but the potential is there for the team to create an incredibly satisfying world to explore.

Resident Evil Village launches on May 7 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.


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