Resident Evil Village Might Come to PS4, Xbox One Too

At TGS 2020, Capcom and Resident Evil Village Producer Tsuyoshi Kanda heavily hinted the game is also coming to PS4 and Xbox One.

September 25, 2020

Capcom held its first Capcom Special Program at TGS 2020, revealing new details on Resident Evil Village, most notably that while the game is developed for PC and next gen, Capcom is currently experimenting how far it can be recreated on current gen. This means Resident Evil Village might come to PS4 and Xbox One too. Resident Evil Village Producer Tsuyoshi Kanda said Capcom wants to bring us the “ultimate Survival Horror experience on current gen too, so look forward to it”. Additional details should be coming first on Capcom’s Japanese official Biohazard Twitter.

Resident Evil Village coming to PS4 and Xbox One wouldn’t be surprising as it’s usual for Japanese companies in particular to always make their games cross gen at the beginning of a new generation of consoles.

The stream itself was mainly an info recap, though we got to see a new video interview of the staff titled The Making Of Resident Evil Village. In particular, we learned one of the reasons for Resident Evil 8 Village happening is showing and following Ethan until the end of his story. You can watch the video interview below:

Resident Evil: Village will launch on PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC in early 2021. Rumors say the game is having a little more trouble when it comes to PS5.

Be sure to check out our schedule for TGS 2020 and our specific schedule for Capcom related events to keep track of everything. In particular, another Resident Evil Village TGS 2020 event will happen on September 27, at 0840 ET / 0540 PT (other time zones).

Iyane Agossah

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