Resident Evil Village : Capcom Details PS5 Specific Features

Resident Evil Village : Capcom Details PS5 Specific Features

Everything we know about how Resident Evil Village will run on PS5. Spoilers: Not a lot since Capcom didn't reveal much for now.

So Capcom just detailed a bit more how you’ll be able to enjoy Resident Evil Village if you managed to preorder a PS5 and got an apartment big enough for it to fit.

First off, obviously, Resident Evil Village will look really good on PS5, thanks to Ray Tracing. And 4K, assuming you saved up for a 4K TV. Loading times will be much faster on PS5 as well, thanks to the PS5’s SSD. Long gone are the days you could make a Jill sandwich while a door opened. Yeah, no, loadings weren’t that long on PS1.

When it comes to gameplay, the DualSense controller and its Haptic Feedback, the new fancy vibration function, simulates the weight of real firearms. Same with the Adaptive triggers. If it’s really realistic, maybe PS5 will launch by itself a whole new dumb debate of “playing video games makes you violent”.

Lastly, we have the Tempest 3D AudioTech, available on compatible headphones. Basically another new fancy PS5 thing that will be perfect for those challenging themselves playing in the dark with headphones on. The atmosphere in a survival horror game is primordial, and the sounds play a huge part.

That’s pretty much it.

Note that Capcom hasn’t revealed a single second of live gameplay footage for Resident Evil Village yet, much less on PS5. We only have trailers. Which do look pretty nice if you’re into horror games. Meanwhile I’ll be waiting for a new Justice Gakuen, or Rival Schools if you’re not a weeb. At the very least, my hypothetical future wife Akira is getting into the spotlight again with Street Fighter V.

Resident Evil Village will be out on PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC sometime in 2021. Producer Tsuyoshi Kanda stated at Tokyo Game Show 2020 they’re looking into releasing it on current gen too. The game also has a crafting mechanic of sorts. Capcom is also working on two new Monster Hunter games on Switch. Which will print Capcom even more money. I wish I was Capcom right now.