Resident Evil Village Rumored To Be Joining Xbox Game Pass

March 27, 2022

Resident Evil Village could be the next AAA title to join Microsoft’s popular Xbox Game Pass service, should new rumors be believed.

Capcom’s latest entry into the Resident Evil series was one of the biggest releases of last year, currently sitting at an incredibly healthy score of 84 on Metacritic. Now as we approach the one year anniversary of Resident Evil Village’s release, fans may soon be able to experience the terror of Lady Dimitrescu all over again as the Xbox Store has hinted that the popular horror game may soon be available on Xbox Game Pass.

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Resident Evil Village Could Be Coming To Xbox Game Pass

The news comes via Polish website, XGP, who noticed that the Resident Evil Village store page briefly included an ‘included in Game Pass’ badge before it was quickly removed.

Fans certainly shouldn’t take this as confirmation, as the Xbox Store may have simply been experiencing a strange bug. But for those eager to believe, there’s also the possibility that the store page was updated a little earlier than it was supposed to be.

XGP also noted that a similar situation occurred with Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, which prematurely had the ‘Game Pass’ logo appear next to it before it joined the service a month later.

Plus, with only a matter of days left until April begins, fans can expect plenty of games to join and leave Game Pass for the new month. This makes it seem highly likely that somebody at Microsoft just added the Xbox Game Pass text a little earlier than they were supposed to.

Image courtesy of XGP
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But whilst Xbox fans are eager to find out what games are coming to the service next month, PlayStation fans are holding out hope that the heavily rumoured ‘Project Spartacus’ will be announced in the coming days as a competitor to Microsoft’s Game Pass service.

Recent leaks revealed that the service could be as expensive as $60 every 3 months for features such as online play, game streaming, monthly games, access to a library of PS2, PS3, and PS4 titles, and plenty more.

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