Resident Evil Village: YouTuber Explains What Would Happen if Lady Dimitrescu Actually Stood on You


April 19, 2021

You may want to think twice before asking Resident Evil’s Lady Dimitrescu to stand on you next time.

Since January’s Resident Evil Showcase, everyone and their granny (myself included) has been in one huge horny soup by harping on about how they want Lady D to sit on them or step on them.

The 9’6″ mistress of Castle Dimitrescu has been a gigantic influence, in more ways than one, to gamers everywhere who can’t wait to get their teeth stuck into Resident Evil Village to witness the lady for themselves.

As we approach the title’s launch, you may want to rethink your fantasy of the “Tall Lady” placing her high heels on you according to a YouTuber who figured out what would actually happen if she did.


Actually, maybe don’t step on me thanks!

YouTuber Kyle Hill who is an award-winning science educator and entertainer has created a video that analyses what impact Lady Dimitrescu would have on a human if she put all her weight on them.

Hill demonstrates that to figure this all out, he uses a body mass index which can roughly predict Lady D’s mass and health according to her height. Hill explains “Unlike Lady Dimitrescu’s height, we do not have a canonical mass, so we’re going to have to estimate it indirectly,”

Hill says that due to there being no official BMI chart to refer to that states the charactes height, he had to “extrapolate to get a useable number.” but estimated her BMI to be around the 24/26 bracket which reveals the mistress to be around 450 pounds according to his math.

Of course, Lady Dimitrescu also wears those beautiful high heels that give her an added “I’m the boss” look but getting stood on whilst wearing those heels would inflict quite a lot of pain coming in at a pressure of 145 million Pa which is “more than half of what it would take to puncture structural steel.” states Hill.

You can watch the entire video through gritted teeth and half-shut eyes, below. You may want to look away at the part when a head made of ballistic gel gets empaled or maybe the coconut getting destroyed will tip you over the edge!

Resident Evil Village will release May 7th on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. 


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