Resistance 3 Soundtrack Released Through Sumthing Else Music Works

on February 15, 2012 2:00 PM

Sumthing Else Music Works have teamed up with SCEA to release the soundtrack for the very highly rated Resistance 3. The soundtrack is available now both online and through brick & mortar retailers and is available through Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop and WalMart among others.

The soundtrack features 17 tracks from the score for the game by Boris Salchow which was one of the most highly praised aspects of a game filled to the brim with high points. Check after the break for the full track-listing. 

  1. You Are the Resistance
  2. Life in Haven Town
  3. The Fall of Haven Town
  4. Into the Fog
  5. Exploring St. Louis
  6. The Remnants
  7. VTOL Crash
  8. Meet Jean Rose
  9. In Satan’s Realm
  10. Pray for Us
  11. Penn Prison
  12. Into the Pit
  13. Invasion
  14. Fighting the Chimera
  15. Tell Susan I Loved Her
  16. Terraformer
  17. Epilogue
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