UPDATED: Resistance 3’s “Online Pass” Goes The Extra Mile To Rip You Off

UPDATED: Resistance 3’s “Online Pass” Goes The Extra Mile To Rip You Off

For the past few days now, Insomniac’s latest (and possibly final) entry into the Resistance 3 franchise has been met with glowing reviews everywhere. So far from what I’ve played I can certainly see why. Our review copy arrived yesterday and upon going over some of the review notes from Sony I made a rather interesting discovery.

Back in July it was announced that the title would be among the first to support Sony’s new “PSN Pass” on the PS3; a system similar to what EA Sports as well as many other prominent publishers have put into place to gain some revenue back from the sale of used games. So when I initially booted up the title this came as no surprise. What I wasn’t expecting to find out upon reading the guide was that for multi PSN accounts to login simultaneously and play online together – the second account needs to purchase it’s very own online pass. Wait… what?

What is wrong with this picture? Well for starters, the file to unlock the online portion is already on the PS3, so what exactly does the game need from the second player for it to activate? It doesn’t and I’m calling this out as a suckers bet. I’m completely on the side of the developers and publishers when it comes to Online Pass, as the people creating these titles should be compensated for their work, but this does take things a bit too far. I am just hoping it is not a sign of things to come from Sony, especially since Uncharted 3 supports multi-PSN login and it’s just around the corner. I guess we’ll be finding out soon enough.

Update #1: Here’s an image of the reviewers guide that was sent to us from Sony.


Update #2: Insomniac has clarified matters. Check their tweets here and here – it works for all PSN accounts and on multiple PS3s.