Resistance Is Futile – You Will Join Battle.Net

Resistance Is Futile – You Will Join Battle.Net

Blizzard’s Battle.Net service has been around for quite some time, but in the last year or so they have redesigned the service, the site and the way it works with all their titles, especially future ones and their 10,000 pound gorilla – World of Warcraft.  In the past, there’s been a need to merge your WoW account into a Battle.Net account for certain promotions, such as last summer’s Mountain Dew Gamer Fuel promotion, where it was required to obtain your Battle Bot pet and the various liquids you could power it with.  However, soon it will be an absolute necessity to link your WoW account with a Battle.Net account.

After November 12, 2009 (that’s less than a month away, folks), Blizzard will own your soul (as if it didn’t already, admit it).  You won’t be able to log into WoW unless you merge your account with a Battle.Net account.  Then, you’ll log into WoW with your Battle.Net user name, which just happens to be your e-mail address.  It’s simple enough, no biggie.  This is just a PSA to help save the customer support at Blizzard some headache come November 12, when I’m sure a half million people who had no idea this was coming will call in all at once wondering why they can’t log onto their crack game.  This will, in turn, cause Blizzard HQ to implode.  Nasty stuff.


For your trouble, Blizzard will send you an in-game penguin pet.  This goes for everyone who has previously merged into a Battle.Net account, as well, so those of you who jumped the gun won’t miss out.

You have been warned.  We are The Blizzard.  Resistance is futile.