Resogun Heroes Out Now; Debut Trailer Shows New World and Modes

Resogun Heroes Out Now; Debut Trailer Shows New World and Modes

Resogun was a launch title for the PlayStation 4. This game was a nice throwback to shooting games of yore and to this day remains one of the more challenging games available for Sony’s current-gen console. Now, Resogun will be getting an expansion called “Heroes” which will contain a new world to blow stuff up in, new modes and more trophies.

Avernus is the planet where all of the action will be centered in this expansion. This place is where the game’s enemies, the Sentinels, retreated to after their defeat. This planet houses never before seen Sentinels and enemies. The game is broken up into two modes: Survival and Destruction.

Survival is exactly what you would expect. You only have one life and you must last for as long as possible against an endless wave of enemies. The humans you’ve saved will randomly parachute in and when you catch them, you’ll get power-ups such as shields, turbo speed, overcharged weapons and more. This mode also has “Fallen Heroes” which are holograms of your ship that represent your best performance. If you do better, the Fallen Hero will appear and if you pick it up you’ll get better shields and weapons. “Monuments” represent your friends’ (or global) high scores. If you beat the score then you destroy the monument.

Demolition is an interesting mode in that all of your normal weapons and abilities have been disabled. Instead, you only get a proximity bomb which recharges after every use. The stage has a wrecking ball and when it gets caught in the blast wave of your proximity bomb it will fly around Avernus destroying everything (including you). The wrecking ball powers up after killing 1000 enemies. These power ups will allow you to have more wrecking balls to use but you have to remember that the more balls are on the stage, the better the chance of you being killed by one.

Resogun Heroes costs $4.99. There will also be an option to buy a season pass for Resogun so that you can get Heroes and any other DLC at no extra cost. The season pass will cost $7.99.