Resonance of Fate Release Date Confirmed

As little as a couple weeks back we thought Resonance of Fate – tri-Ace and Sega’s upcoming steam-punk, gun-slinging RPG – was going to be released on March 9, the very same day as that other game.  I’m not entirely sure why we thought that was the day, but it might possibly be related to the fact that the Wikipedia page for the game had March 9 listed.  Now, while Wikipedia may not be the place you want to go for factual, unbiased information all the time, I have never known it to have incorrect information as far as game release dates go, because you know there is someone out there just waiting for an “official” announcement so they can update the page two seconds after the press release goes out.

Needless to say, I was a bit worried.  Resonance of Fate seems to be a pretty decent RPG, with Famitsu giving it a 34/40.  It has a unique setting for a JRPG, as well as untraditional weapons and a highly-stylized battle system that might give you flashbacks to The Matrix.  I really want this RPG to have a chance, which was why I was leery of the fact that it was apparently going to hit store shelves to very little fanfare on March 9.

DualShockers attended a Sega event in New York City a week and a half ago and one of the questions that was asked was what possessed them to release the RPG on the same day as FFXIII.  It turns out that wasn’t when the game was going to arrive, but at the time, no solid date was set.  Fast forward to this past weekend, and news comes down that the game will be released on March 16.  Is that much better, being a week after FFXIII?  Seriously?  Move it to April or something, but anytime and anywhere around the dreaded date of March 9 is going to affect sales.  Only the hardest of the hardcore are going to be finished with FFXIII in a week’s time and looking to move on to another RPG.

All I can do is facepalm, and fear that tri-Ace will never again be able to make an RPG because Resonance of Fate sold only two hundred copies and FFXIII sold two million (yes, folks, that is an exaggeration, don’t get your panties in a wad).  While this is technically a news post, I can rant to Sega a little bit, right?  Why…WHY?!  March 16 is not much better than March 9.

However, I, for one, will be purchasing Resonance of Fate, regardless of whether or not I’m done with FFXIII by then.  I have to support JRPGs in general and the great studio that developed this rather unique take on the genre.  Who else is with me?

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Chad Awkerman

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