Respawn Actually Tried (and Failed) to Trademark “Machine”

Respawn Actually Tried (and Failed) to Trademark “Machine”

At times software houses try to trademark extremely common words, and normally those attempts don’t end too well. This was the case with Titanfall‘s Respawn Entertainment, that tried to gain ownership of a word defining a much broader range of machines than titans. As a matter of fact, they tried to trademark “Machine.”

The trademark was filed at the same time as “Titanfall,” but the application was recently killed by the United States Patent and Trademark Office because too similar to Trino Games’ Machine World.

It’s worth mentioning that Respawn also tried to trademark “Titan,” but then gave up on it.

We don’t know whether the trademark was filed as an alternative title for Titanfall or for other purposes, but we can definitely say it was a bold attempt on Respawn’s part.