Respawn Says It is “Pushing Out Plans” for Upcoming Titanfall Games to Fully Support Apex Legends

Respawn Says It is “Pushing Out Plans” for Upcoming Titanfall Games to Fully Support Apex Legends

Apex Legends is getting all of the attention by the team at Respawn right now after the game became an overnight success.

Respawn Entertainment posted a new update about Apex Legends on the official EA website today and in the process shed some light on the future of the Titanfall franchise as a whole.

The majority of the post in question from Respawn talked about Apex Legends and the future of the game. Drew McCoy, the author of the post and an executive producer on Apex Legends, stated that the battle royale game grew far more quickly than they ever expected and as a result, the team at Respawn has had to respond fast. As a result, though, this growth has led to challenges that weren’t anticipated. Respawn said it is well aware of some of the server, audio, and cheating issues that are present in Apex Legends right now and it is looking to fix all of this.

Furthermore, regarding Apex Legends, Respawn says it is looking to make more substantial updates throughout the course of each season for the game. The team wants to be more communicative moving forward and will begin sharing details on Season 2 of the game this June at EA Play. The message also made note that the team is looking to achieve all of this while avoiding crunch.

Finally, and perhaps most notable for some, is that Respawn says the success of Apex Legends has led to the developer altering plans for future games in the Titanfall series. “Additionally, in order to fully support Apex Legends, we are pushing out plans for future Titanfall games,” the message stated. “No resources from the Apex Legends team are being shifted to other titles in development here at the studio, nor are we pulling resources from the team working on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.”

What’s interesting about this statement is that we were previously told that an additional Titanfall “experience” was slated to release later this year. Whether this is supposed title in question is still going to arrive has yet to be seen, but it seems like most of Respawn’s time and energy right now has been dedicated to Apex Legends. Some have theorized that this Titanfall title could be a VR game, which is something Respawn was said to be working on when purchased by EA.

While this news is certainly a bit upsetting for those looking to get more Titanfall games sooner rather than later, you can’t really blame Respawn for focusing on Apex Legends, the game that actually has an audience. For as beloved as Titanfall 2 was by those that played it, the game never sold well at all. Apex Legends, on the other hand, had 50 million players show up in the game’s first month. It makes sense to focus on what your players are actually playing.