Respawn Denies Rumor on Titanfall Alpha Textures Being Final for Xbox One: “It Doesn’t Benefit Us to Lie”

on January 30, 2014 4:45 PM

A few days ago a notorious insider known on NeoGAF as CBOAT alleged that the low resolution textures included in the alpha release of Titanfall would actually be final for the Xbox One version of the game, contrary to what Respawn Entertainment previously said.

Today Respawn took to twitter to deny that rumor, stating clearly that it isn’t accurate while responding to the question of a fan:

No, we were very clear the Alpha textures were reduced to have a smaller Alpha download.

On the other hand they didn’t deny the second part of the rumor mentioned above, that alleged that the game would have 16 maps at launch. The answer on that was a simple “gonna have to wait on that one!” The developer also did not reply to a follow-up question about the native resolution of the game on Microsoft’s new console.

Another fan asked them if they were just denying the rumor to “save face,” and even here the answer was quite clear cut:

It doesn’t benefit us to lie about that.

In addition to that, we also got a couple new pieces of information about the game: first of all the game won’t have any split-screen multiplayer. Secondly, there won’t be medics or a revive mechanic.

While developers and publishers have been caught lying in the past, it’s true that most of the times giving inaccurate information doesn’t benefit them, especially this close to launch and on something as clearly and easily recognizable as texture resolution. I’m definitely inclined to believe Respawn on this one.

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