Respawn Entertainment is Basically Infinity Ward

By Scott Lipowitz

July 2, 2011

Respawn Entertainment has revealed through their official website that 40 former Modern Warfare 2 staffers have left Infinity Ward to join up with their old bosses, Jason West and Vince Zampella.  Respawn, which was formed after West and Zampella, the two former heads of Infinity Ward, had an ugly and very public split with former publishing partner and studio owner Activison and formed the company as an independent company with publishing rights with Activision rival Electronic Arts’ banner.

Some of the people who went to Respawn from Infinity Ward after the split include the former lead designer, Todd Alderman and Modern Warfare 2 senior software engineer Chris Lambert. To see the core of what made the Call of Duty series moving with their old bosses to the new company gives rise to a lot of hope for the future, as yet unannounced, games from Respawn.  Hopefully they can rekindle what made the Call of Duty series so exciting in their new franchise.

The lawsuits between West and Zampella and Activision are still ongoing, but with such a clear mass exodus or talent from Infinity Ward to Respawn, one can’t help but wonder if Activision was the more unreasonable party.


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