Respect Your Elders Apex Legends – Challenge Guide and Rewards

Respect Your Elders Apex Legends – Challenge Guide and Rewards

Here's how to complete the Respect your elders challenge.

Apex Legends fans will already be participating in the brand new limited-time event celebrating the game’s two-year anniversary which launched yesterday, February 9, and runs until February 23. To commemorate the journey, EA has put together some new Seasonal Challenges that have seen an array of fancy new skins and many other items in the return of ‘Locked and Loaded’. This time, Apex Legends challenge players to ‘Respect your Elders’ that offer up a host of rewards.

How to complete the ‘Respect your elders’ challenge:

To come out on top and to earn the Mozambique Badge as a special gift for being so brilliant, players need to deal a certain amount of damage throughout season 8. The wreckage you need to accumulate in total is right on the nose at 102,816. If you happen to go a digit over or under, you can say farewell to the Mozambique Badge. If you’re also wondering why it needs to be this exact number, it’s actually the release date of Titanfall 2. Many players believe that the next character to enter the Apex Legends area could be Blisk from the Titanfall series.

Other than the ‘Respect your elders’ and the ‘Locked and Loaded’ challenge, players’ can pick up 24 fan-favorite items that incorporate the red and gold colors. For those that want a skin of their choice through crafting, the items are 50% discounted for this event only.

Unfortunately, downloading the Nintendo Switch version may not carry any progression over that has been earned on other platforms. Lead producer, Drew McCoy said that “Unfortunately we won’t ever be able to do cross-progress or cross-purchases”. However, more recently in a Reddit AMA in December, Respawn confirmed that it does want to introduce cross-progression, but it’s in early development.

Apex Legends is now available on PS4Xbox OnePS5Xbox Series X|S, and PC. The Nintendo Switch version is also available right now that launched alongside the grand opening of the Anniversary Collection event.