Respecting a Legend: Take a Look Behind the Scenes in Aliens: Colonial Marines

on August 2, 2012 12:20 PM

Throughout the years we’ve seen the Alien movie license pass through many hands in every form of media with varying degrees of success and respect to the source material. Some are quite well and expand on the franchise in a meaningful way (the Aliens vs Predator PC games, the Dark Horse comic series, etc) and some others I’ll just go ahead and not mention.

So when you decide to create an Aliens game and announce that it fits into the canon of the movies you better make sure you do things right. Considering Ridley Scott has signed off on it, I’m going to wager a guess that Gearbox has done just that with Aliens: Colonial Marines. To that end they’ve released a new trailer for the game which you can view below, taking a look behind the scenes into the making of what they’re calling an authentic Aliens experience. Check it out. 

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