Retailers Actually Care About Your Kids, Parents…You Realize Anything Yet?

By Kyle Durant

April 21, 2011

In the ongoing video games being used as scapegoats dilemma, many anti-gamer supporters blame numerous retailers for young kids getting their hands on rated M video games. Well that “fact” is now dead and buried six feet under. The (actual) Federal Trade Commission conducted a study in which underage, undercover shoppers were unleashed on multiple retailers that sold video games. Those shoppers then tried to purchase a rated M video game all by their lonesome. In a not so shocking result over 87% of the attempts by the underage shoppers were halted. Those undercover shoppers were sent packing empty-handed with what was most likely their favorite attempt in trying to break the law. Since this study proved many anti-gamer claims wrong, advocates of video games/parental responsibilities were bound to speak up. President and CEO of the Entertainment Software Association, Michael Gallagher, was more than happy to voice his reasonings.

“Those who would criticize the industry’s commitments are either ignorant of facts or are actively pursuing a political agenda. We look forward to building on this level of success.”

POW RIGHT IN THE KISSER! What’s that…? I’m being told readers that references to old 50’s comedy shows is not politically correct. Regardless, this shoots down one of the biggest problems that many protesters of selling rated m video games blame for rated M titles ending up in the hands of children. I wonder what the next ridiculous blame game will bring us? Just for the record…the cat picture emphasizes the boot the opposition took this day (clever I know).

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