Retailers Demand Spread-Out Schedule for Blockbuster Releases

Retailers Demand Spread-Out Schedule for Blockbuster Releases

Retailers selling video game products have a bone to pick with the industry.

Typically, the most anticipated games of each year are released close to Christmas time. This guarantees them revenue from shoppers looking for both gifts for others for the holidays, as well as a little treat for themselves (Santa is apparently very fond of technology). While this schedule works wonders for the actual game companies, the profits don’t translate to the retailers they depend on, which has resulted in a recent protest from the latter.

Simon Fox, CEO of HMV, told CVG in an interview:

“We would love to see some blockbusters available earlier in the year, there is no question about that whatsoever. It would be fantastic to have some summer releases when there is a real appetite from the customer to buy games. Huge blockbuster games so close together becomes unaffordable.”

He also predicted that, within the next few years, the desire for a broadened release schedule may become realized. When one considers how co-dependent retailers and gaming companies are, it’s a definite possibility.