Retailers Not Willing to Match PlayStation 4 ‘Buy 2 Get 1 Free’ from Target

Retailers Not Willing to Match PlayStation 4 ‘Buy 2 Get 1 Free’ from Target

It’s happening.

Just over a week ago, a Reddit user leaked a Target advertisement that featured PS4 titles participating in the retailer’s annual “Buy 2 Get 1” promotion. At the time, we had to chalked it up as a rumor since we still weren’t sure if any retailer would be running  promos  for next gen titles right at launch. Apparently the ad was legit; Target’s ‘Buy 2 Get 1 Free’ promotion is live and it in fact includes PlayStation 4 launch titles.

I was wondering if competing retailers would match this deal. I made some calls to Gamestop, Toy”R”Us, Best Buy, and FYE to see if there was a way for those retailers (with their price match policies) to participate in the promo and the answer was ‘no’ across the board.

Three out of the four retailers went into further detail stating that they could match prices — just not a promotion, which is in fact what this is. The Gamestop rep I spoke to insisted that Target was not and would not run such a promotion. Conversation went laughably downhill from there and eventually transitioned to the rep trying to get me to trade in stuff.

In other words, if you want to take advantage of this great deal for the PS4, your only option is Target.

However, you may want to make a few phone calls yourself before you head out the door. At the moment not every Target has every title. I spoke with reps at 3 separate locations. Two in Staten Island, NY, the other in Brooklyn, NY. Out of the two Target stores on the island, only one of them had PS4 titles in stock (Killzone: SF, Knack, and COD: Ghosts). The Target store I called in Brooklyn had a different combination available (NBA 2K14, Battlefield4, Killzone: SF and Knack).

Again, in regards to next gen title selection (for now, as in today) your mileage may vary, and it will likely remain that way until the middle of the week as we get closer to the console’s launch and more inventory becomes available. Just keep in mind, that this is a great deal and there’s a chance that the combination of games you’re looking for will not be available come launch day.

Remember: the early bird gets the worm