Retro City Rampage Hitting XBLA Before WiiWare

on December 21, 2010 7:30 PM

Retro City Rampage Hitting XBLA Before WiiWare

In a rather surprising, though welcome turn, Retro City Rampage creator Brian Provinciano has announced to our friends at Destructoid that the game, previously announced only for the WiiWare platform, will be hitting XBox LIVE Arcade in the summer of 2011, while the WiiWare version will lag behind significantly, releasing in the fall.

In other RCR news, Brian has done a great interview over at IGN, which you can read here, and yet another fan art contest is on where you can win yourself a RCR game cartridge signed by Mr. Provinciano himself. You can find those details here.

I’m bummed a bit to hear about the delay, but considering Vblank Entertainment currently consists of a single full-time employee, it’s really hard to blame the guy. This game looks absolutely delightful, and I really hope Brian’s huge gamble on it pays off. Definitely keep this one on your radar!

[Via Destructoid]

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