Retro City Rampage Update Comes With RETRO+ Mode and Prototype “ROM City Rampage” Mode

Retro City Rampage Update Comes With RETRO+ Mode and Prototype “ROM City Rampage” Mode

If you’ve thoroughly enjoyed Retro City Rampage or have wanted to jump into the 8-bit insanity the world offers, then the new updates–announced by creator Brian Provinciano via the PlayStation Blog–may be just for you.

The new update adds two new modes, and drops Retro City Rampage to $4.99. With Retro City Rampage a Cross Buy game, that makes both the PS3 and the PS Vita versions worth only $2.50 a piece.

The two new modes include RETRO + (which you can view in the image above), an enhanced graphics mode, and ROM City Rampage (which you can view in the image below), a prototyped version that is “8-bit hardware-accurate” prototype, with the strict limitations of 1980’s hardware, sprite flicker and all. If what Provinciano says is true, then someone could put this game on a cartridge and it would run true to consoles of the era. To access it, players need to go Nolan’s Arcade or Doc Choc’s house and find the in-game video game machine, allowing players to play an 8-bit game from within a pseudo-8-bit game, or as Provinciano calls it, “8-bit-ception.”

Retro City Rampage - ROM City Rampage

Other updates include a gallery, improvements to the 3D racer, and the option to increase the player’s max health points:

The 3D racer has also been slightly updated. Previously, holding up (or accelerate) would speed your vehicle up, and holding down (or reverse) would slow you down. However, many players didn’t grasp this and ended up playing these levels at much slower speeds than they should have, making them feel longer and more tedious. As a result, the vehicle now always drives at max speed, but you can still hold down or reverse to slow down as before.

Additionally, the player’s health points have been increased for those who still have trouble, but if you want a real challenge, try to beat those levels without getting hit! It’s very much possible; you just need to figure out your strategies! Retro City Rampage isn’t all run-n-gun, many missions are also think-n-plan! Some hints: use the lanes to your advantage, switching between them to dodge attacks and listen to the sounds for warning cues. Also, it’s often easier to shoot the vehicles and obstacles in your way than it is to avoid them.

Provinciano also encourages fans to check out the Top 50 Character Styles to see how stylish your player is, and to check out The Making Of: ROM City Rampage (by YouTube channel VblankEntertainment) which you can view below.

The update is now live; for more news, check out all of DualShockers’ Retro City Rampage coverage.