Retro Fighting Game Skorecery Comes to PS4 February 5

Retro Fighting Game Skorecery Comes to PS4 February 5

GrappleHook Games have unleached their latest magical fighting platformer title onto the gaming world

Indie game developer GrappleHook Games has today announced that Skorecery, a retro mystical arcade title, will launch on PS4 on February 5, 2019.

The game takes inspiration from titles like Pong and Breakout but then adds in some popular fighting elements too as you take on an opponent in this fast-paced platformer. To bring your enemy to their knees, players will possess spells and use this in combination with fighting skills, while trying to protect their own runes.

Of course, you also have to destroy your opponent’s rune too and to do that you must take control of the Arena’s ball and blast them into defeat. The sorcerer with the most Runes at the end of the match will be crowned as the victor. You’ll have some choices to make before the face-off starts though, so choose wisely – some of the spells that can be used can increase your speed, create barriers, and more. These abilities can be used to secure the lead or save your team from near defeat.

If you’ve not played games like this before, the developers have stated that the controls are simple to learn and built for players of all skill levels so its ideal for kids and grown-ups alike. In saying that, it still has that edge for the folk who love to indulge in competitivity.

Some of the features you will see included in Skorecery are: 

  • Friendly and competitive local multiplayer battles with gameplay that takes seconds to learn and countless hours to master
  • Fast-paced and tense duels, team skirmishes, and free-for-all matchesVast variety of Spells, Modes, and Arena layouts for infinite replayability
  • Game-modifying Curses that allow players to change rules of the match, physics, and abilitiesIntricately designed audio dynamics that adjust to match intensity.

Skorecery will be available to play on the PS4 on February 5, 2019. You can take a look at the trailer, below.