Study Shows the Value of Various Retro Video Games

Some of those old games are worth extra dollars.

By Ben Bayliss

October 22, 2019

Retro video games are a reminder of past technological achievements, a nostalgic look back at childhood, and it seems that you can put a hefty price tag on them these days. According to Safestore, for retro games that are left unopened and factory sealed, they can bring in quite a large price tag. The study, that was published in September, revealed some of the price expectations of various classic games.

I won’t venture too much into looking at all of the games as you can check out the graphics yourself on the website, but here are some of the ones I thought were either impressive or shocking. Additionally, the study states, “The figures shown in the graphic were correct as of September 2019 and were taken from aggregators of online sales listings”

  • The console, Sega Genesis found Sonic the Hedgehog hit the platform in 1992 with over 6 million copies sold worldwide, the game was originally available for $49.99. However, the percentage increase from the original value has dropped by -2% with the highest-paid price sitting at $49. I would have expected our little blue boy to be earning more than this!
  • Metal Gear Solid from the PlayStation era in 1998 sold 49 million copies. The highest-paid price sits at $112 after originally being available for $49.99 showing an increase of 124%.
  • Street Fighter II when it landed on the SNES back in 1991 was available for $49.99 and now finds the highest paid price being $190 giving it a 281% increase from its original value.6.3 million copies were sold and it became the 4th best selling SNES game.
  • Pokemon Red and Blue launched in 1996 for the Game Boy for $39.99 and sold 23.6 million copies. The increase in price is at 1,200% with the highest-paid price sitting at $520.
  • In 1996 the Nintendo 64 saw Super Mario 64 arrive on the platform and it sold 11.89 million copies, each costing $49.99. The highest-paid price for it now sits at $716, giving it a 1,331% increase from its original value.
  • Another Nintendo title that sits at the top of the stats is Super Mario World. This 1991 title that launched on the SNES sold 20.6 million copies for $49.99 and the highest-paid price is $3,223, putting it at a 6,348% increase from its original value.

The study also looked into Resident EvilCrash Bandicoot, Final Fantasy VII, and more.

If you’re looking to find some retro games yourself, Max wrote up a guide on how to find and buy them. Who knows, it might lead to some riches.

Of course, if you do happen to find yourself going through the attic of your parent’s or grandparents’ property and stumble across some unopened, perfect condition retro games, then you’ll most likely be in the money. My question is, what if someone splurges out over $2,000 for an old title, then gets it home and rips open the packaging? Makes your skin crawl to think of the sound.

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