Retro/Grade Shoots It Up on PlayStation 3 This August

on July 27, 2012 11:56 AM

Announced today, Retro/Grade will be bringing shoot ’em up and rhythm action to the PlayStation 3 when it releases exclusively on August 21st. The game features rhythm based gameplay as players shoot ’em up in reverse time space battles.

Also there will be a bundle that will include both the game and the soundtrack, which is great news for the many who have requested the soundtrack and those who are fans of game soundtracks in general.
Retro/Grade is like classic shoot ’em ups but has players play the game in reverse. The game begins with the player stopping a massive alien invasion with the destruction warping the space-time continuum and reverses time. What would be considered the final boss is actually the first boss in the game.

With time reversed, the player must undo action such as unfiring shots and avoid projectiles that are returning to enemy guns. The game can be played with either a DualShock 3 controller or a wireless guitar controller for those with plastic guitars gathering some dust with a need for some attention.

Gamers looking for an interesting twist on the shoot ’em up and rhythm game genre will want to give this game a shot when it drops on PSN this August. Until then check out the video below showing of the game.

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