Return to Active Duty with Sgt. Burden in the Gods Will Be Watching Epilogue

on May 30, 2015 9:39 PM

Greyshock has released a free expansion for those who own Gods Will Be Watching: an epilogue that takes place many years after the closing of the game. To coincide with the release, the title is now 75% off. That makes it $2.49 for the regular edition, and $4.99 for the special edition which includes: the official soundtrack, a comic, and art book, all in digital form.

Set twenty years after the close of the original game, you will again be tasked with making tough decisions in the tense conflict enveloping the galaxy. Liam, the leader of the fallen freedom fighter organization Xenolifer, gathers the scattered members of Sgt. Burden’s old unit and embarks on a desperate quest to change the past and prevent the oppressive Constellar Federation from ever coming to power.

This epilogue will also be the final content update for Gods Will Be Watching, as the developer has no plans on creating a sequel. You can view the trailer for the epilogue expansion below.

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