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Returnal: Ascension Update Release Time, Date, and New Modes

Get ready for Returnal Co-Op!

March 21, 2022

During a recent PlayStation State of Play Event, Returnal fans were blown away at the announcement of a brand new DLC known as ‘Ascension’. The best part of the announcement? Returnal: Ascension is a completely free update and will be released for PlayStation 5 later this week.

Included in the update are two new modes, Co-Op and the Tower of Sisyphus, a brand new endless mode where players must fight their way to the top of a never-ending tower.

Whether you’re eager to jump back into Returnal, this time with a friend, or just dying to see how long you can last climbing the Tower of Sisyphus, DualShockers has put together the official release date and time for the Ascension update below.

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Returnal: Ascension Update Release Time and Date

As confirmed by Returnal developers Housemarque, the upcoming 3.0 ‘Ascension’ update will release on Tuesday, March 22nd, 2022.

Although an official release time for the launch of Returnal: Ascension hasn’t been announced just yet, the update is expected to go live around 4AM PT / 7AM ET / 11AM GMT. This information is based on the usual release time for previous Returnal updates since its launch in 2021.

Once a more official release time for the Returnal: Ascension update is announced, we will be sure to update this article.

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Returnal Co-Op & Tower of Sisyphus Modes Explained

As detailed in a recent PlayStation Blog Post, Returnal: Ascension will include two brand new modes, completely free for existing owners of Returnal.

The first new mode is co-op, which will make the hostile forces in Atropos feel a little less overwhelming as players can now team up with a friend to face the challenges ahead. According to Housemarque, players will be able to access the Chronosis portal near the crash landing (and in other select parts of the game), from here they will have the option to either host or join a public cycle.

Next up is the Tower of Sisyphus, which the developers state is a “balance between intense action, exploration and haunting narrative”.

The mode is essentially a new ‘Endless Mode’ for Returnal, which will allow players to ascend the Tower, which won’t actually have an end to the climb. Instead, players will battle against enemies that become increasingly harder as they climb higher.

More details on both of the new modes can be found on the official PlayStation website.

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