Returnal Pre-Order Bonus Spotted on Amazon, Two Black & Yellow Suits for Selene

Returnal Pre-Order Bonus Spotted on Amazon, Two Black & Yellow Suits for Selene

Amazon has listed two variants of a Black & Yellow suit for Selene as the pre-order bonus for Returnal.

Currently, Returnal is PS5’s closest-to-launch big-budget exclusive that will be available in March this year. The game is already available for pre-order, and as usual, it seems there will be some unique in-game properties for those who buy Returnal before launch.

As Amazon has listed on the pre-order page for Returnal, the game will have two different suits designed in Black & Yellow as pre-order bonuses. It’s yet to be seen whether this is the only bonus for pre-purchasing the game or more will be revealed as we get closer to the game’s launch. The suits have been listed by both the UK and Germany branches of Amazon. It’s worth noting that the PlayStation store has also listed the suits as pre-order bonuses, but thanks to Amazon, now we can take a look at those suits as well:

Returnal pre-order bonus that includes two variants of a black & yellow suit

After achieving great success with Nex Machina back in 2017, Housemarque Games proved itself as a talented studio and probably earned Sony’s trust for working on big-budget PlayStation-exclusive projects. Now, Returnal is an ambitious title from this Finnish team of developers, and it’s supposed to be Sony’s first big launch of 2021 for PS5. Playing as a lost astronaut trapped in an endless loop on a hostile planet, you should find your way out of the planet in each attempt that you are given to start your survival from the beginning. However, it’s easier said than done.

Recently, Housemarque Games shared a new trailer from Returnal, showing off the various weapons available in the game, and how you can achieve them in the midst of your deadly exploration in the unknown planet of the game. We also got to learn more about the hostile creature that will cause trouble for Selene regularly in the game.

Returnal is set to be released on March 19 this year exclusively for PS5.