Returnal Update (May 3, 2021) - Patch Notes 1.003.001

A new hotfix is now available to download.

May 3, 2021

A new Returnal update shared by the developer, Housemarque Games, today and is now available to download.

Hopefully, Returnal didn’t have a rough launch in case of bugs or technical issues. That being said, for roguelike games, even the minor bugs could lead to big disappointments.

Recently, a number of Returnal players started reporting various bugs from the game, including a game-breaking one that locks down the player inside a room with no way out. Hopefully, Housemarque Games reacted to the community’s voice, indicating that they are aware of the problems.


Returnal Update 1.003.001 Patch Notes

Today, the developers rolled out a brand new update to wipe out a bunch of issues. While the patch notes of today’s Returnal update are yet to be shared, it seems to be a small hotfix to get rid of the most annoying bugs of the game.

The update weighs around 1 GB and doesn’t look to have heavy additions or any specific feature other than stabilizing the game’s performance and fixing the infamous bugs.

As soon as the developer shares the patch notes, we will update this post.

Although the overall reactions and reception to Returnal have been mostly positive so far, some of the fans have already started asking for a save system in the game to allow the rookie players to enjoy it as well. In response to the demand, Housmarque Games didn’t promise any upcoming features such as the demanded save system, but they did say that they “hear the community.”

Returnal is now available exclusively on PS5.

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