The Reveal Trailer for Retro-Inspired FPS Prodeus is an All-Out Bloodbath

Prodeus brings back the gory fast-paced action popularized by retro shooters in the 20th century in its violent debut trailer.

November 26, 2018

There’s no denying that retro gaming is currently hot. Whether it’s reliving those days gone by through the likes of the upcoming PlayStation Classic or seeing the rise in gorgeous pixel art through new titles such as Mother Russia Bleeds; the wave of retro-inspired gaming spreads far and wide. And riding high that wave is a gore-fest known as Prodeus.

Although the title’s Twitter page has been in action for a full twelve months now, Prodeus’ first reveal trailer hit Youtube recently with a bloody splatter showing that the game is not messing around.

Prodeus is an FPS proudly inspired by the gritty nostalgic titles from the 1990s like Doom, Shadow Warrior and Duke Nukem 3D while using updated technology thanks to Unity. Its darkened aesthetic is made even more unsettling by the way that it seems to revel in its own gore.


The trailer, which can be seen below, opens up with the player stepping out of an elevator as an enemy teleports into his line of vision. From here it explodes into a wave of violence as foes get dismembered through a volley of punches.

Along with blood-covered walls and foes being beaten to death, we also get to see a number of the weapons that will be available in-game. The standard pistol seems surprisingly good at knocking chunks of flesh off of opponents, while the shotgun delivers heavy damage at point-blank range. There is also a chaingun for quickly dispatching waves of enemies simultaneously and a rocket launcher for an explosive no-nonsense approach to the action.

Prodeus is booked for release in 2019 for Steam.

Eoghan Murphy

Eoghan is a gaming veteran with over 25 years of button mashing experience under his belt, and a particular interest in eSports. When not playing or collecting games, he can be heard presenting and producing radio shows in Ireland.

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