Revelation of the Day: Catherine Has Online and Multiplayer Features

Revelation of the Day: Catherine Has Online and Multiplayer Features


You weren’t expecting that, were you? The latest issue of Famitsu has revealed some interesting details about Atlus’ upcoming controversial title Catherine. The two biggest reveals? There are online and multiplayer features.

First, the online features are mostly standard – trophies (of course) and leaderboards for stage clear times. However, one interesting feature stands out. When you manage to get Vincent to the top of a tower successfully, you go into a “confessional” of sorts, where you have to answer questions. The way you answer these questions determines how the game progresses. The online feature here is a chart that shows how various people answer, including who answers what based on the player’s gender. (So I assume there’s somewhere to enter your gender during the course of the game, or perhaps the game may progress differently based on the gender you input? Now I’m just wildly speculating – ignore me.)

There are also a couple multiplayer modes detailed in Famitsu. The first is an action-sequence-only mode, called Babel Mode. Here you can play single- or two-player co-op and race against other players worldwide for top clear times. There is also the Colosseum, which is a two-player competative mode where you and a friend can challenge each other to be the first to clear a stage. You both climb the tower simultaneously and have the ability to hinder your opponent on the way up. So, you butt heads, but still have to worry about getting to the top first and leaderboard clear times.

I don’t know about you, but that Colosseum mode sounds pretty darn nifty! I’m excited to see more details revealed in this final month leading up to the game’s release in Japan. The demo hits the PSN and Xbox Live tomorrow, so you can be sure we’ll be checking it out and giving you our impressions. Stay tuned!