Reventure and Its 100 Endings Comes Out of Early Access June 4

Reventure and Its 100 Endings Comes Out of Early Access June 4

With 100 different endings for you explore, Reventure is fighting its way out of early access and into your heart.

Reventure is an ambitious action adventure game that boasts over 100 different endings. Every time you hit a new ending, the game resets and subtly changes what’s available to you. Give the release trailer below a watch to get a better idea of everything that is available.

At first glance, Reventure looks pretty basic. That said, there is depth here. For instance, there are a number of items in the game for you to pick up. However, every item you pick up lowers your jump. So, while you can stock up on items, you’ll lose some of your ability to traverse the world. So, if you pick up three or four items that seem helpful, you’re effectively locking yourself out of certain endings.

It’s surprises like these that make this game interesting. As you explore the world and unlock new endings, you’ll discover things that change everything up. Plus, every ending brings changes to the game upon resetting. To say more would dip into spoilers, so I’ll just say that’s it’s probably worth seeing and doing everything.

The game also deals heavily in parodies of pop culture. Humor is hard to get right, especially in games, but I like what I’ve seen thus far. That said, your mileage will likely vary.

It will be interesting to see where Reventure goes from here. It feels like a game that could continue growing if the support is there. Will we have 500 or 1,000 endings in a year or two? It certainly seems like something that could easily happen.

Reventure is coming out of early access on PC on June 4. Give it a look if you’re craving something a little off the beaten path.