Reverse Tower Defense RPG Affogato Releases For PC In 2023

Bring a smile to the world of the night

July 21, 2022

Chinese Developer Befun Studio has released the official trailer for its new PC RPG ‘Affogato’ today. The title is scheduled to be available on Steam in 2023 (published by Spiral Up Games), and a demo version will be made available to download on July 29th.

In this title, a debt-ridden witch named Affogato, who runs a café in the city of Arorua where there is no dawn, serves coffee to customers with various life problems. Occasionally, she may use her magical powers to enter the world of their minds and solve their problems. The game features a quite authentic coffee-making part, reminiscent of ‘VA-11 Hall-A’ and ‘Coffee Talk‘, and a tower offense part in the world of the mind that involves organizing cards with different attributes and adjusting progression routes by rotating map panels.


One can never visit the city of Arorua when the sun is up. This means it’s a world where night-dwellers only reside. A variety of fantastical beings like Vampires, Beastfolk, Spirits, and Witches live together. Therefore, the customers in Affogato will be totally different from any other similar games. Of course, as a hard-working Barista who also has to pay her debt, you will need to get used to the various realistic coffee blending techniques and flavors, in addition to listening to the customers and judging which brew will suit them best.

There is a time limit for each working day, so you will need to decide your priorities based on what you care about the most: money, or friendship with certain customers, as there are 6 NPCs whom you can become more intimate with. There are not many details yet about the game’s tower defense aspect, except that it will use a card-like approach, and players will have to consider the cost of each card, their effects, and which route is the best. The card designs in Affogato are beautiful and stylistic. They also feel very similar to the aesthetic of Yoko Taro’s Voice of Cards series.

An Affogato or ‘Affogato Al Caffe’ is an Italian coffee-based dessert, which usually takes the form of a scoop of Ice Cream or Vanilla gelato drowned in Hot Espresso. The game combines two unique art styles. It has a fully realized 3D world with beautifully hand-drawn 2D characters. Befun Studio (Founded in Shanghai in 2019), consists of a group of like-minded people who love 2D magical girls. The studio’s concept is to ‘Create Better 2D Games’; this is the first work where their vision is fully realized. Look forward to the wonderful world of the witches in 2023.

Mohamed Hassan

Mohamed (He/Him) from Egypt is Interested in gaming as a storytelling medium and how it can give shape to new emotions and life lessons. He is currently learning the Japanese language and is interested on learning more about the Japanese culture and other cultures and how they are represented in gaming. Also a Long term fan of JRPGs, Indie games and VIsual Novels.

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