Review: Fat Princess

By Joel Taveras

August 4, 2009

Out of all the games shown in the past year, none have managed to peek my interest as much as Fat Princess. I don’t know if it was the art style, the adorable sprites, or the outlandish premise but there was something about this title that had me counting down the days to it’s release and it’s finally here. So does Fat Princess live up to the hype?  Yes!

For those of you who don’t know the premise of the game, it’s quite simple really. Although there are 5 different modes to choose from, 4 of them are self-explanatory. The real moneymaker is the “capture the princess” game type.  In CTP, you have 2 teams of 16 battling it out in order to try and rescue their own princess from the opposing teams headquarters. The Catch?  The princess you have hostage can be fed cake to make her fat and in turn harder to carry her away (hence the title of the game). As ridiculous or childish as it sounds, the strategy that goes into playing the game is top notch. You will find yourself forced to plot and create game plans on the fly in order to adjust to the way the opposing team is playing.

The core of Fat Princess plays out much like an RTS. You have to farm for resources (i.e. chopping down trees for lumber) and bring that lumber back to base in order to upgrade equipment, weapons and abilities. You will also find yourself scouring the maps like a fiend in need of a fix looking for pieces of cake to fatten up your prized possession. As you attain more and more resources you can quickly unlock class upgrades as well as other perks such as giant trampoline-like catapults, which launch you across the map and into the opposing teams HQ. Where other games only allow you to switch classes before re-spawning, Fat Princess let’s you switch it up on the fly quickly and easily so you can jump right back into the action. There are 5 different classes to choose from, all of which have upgradable levels. The classes are mage, priest, warrior, worker, and ranger. All of the classes have different weapons and abilities as well as pros and cons. The game is accessible to the most casual of players but also strategic enough for the hardcore. And although the game may seem cutesy with all of the hilarious South Park-esque sprites, just like South Park this game is not for kids. The over the top gore may be a bit much for the younger gamers out there.

Graphically, you will fall in love with the art style found in Fat Princess, as it never fails to impress. Sure it’s cell animated but due to the timing of its release, it is a nice departure from the norm these days as everything is in 3D with most developers shooting for as many polygons as possible. The sounds and soundtrack found in the game are just as charming, as you will find yourself humming the annoying title screen song even when you’re not playing. For reasons unbeknownst to me, the game isn’t available in Dolby Digital, which is pretty weird, but not that big of a deal considering it’s played from a top down perspective.

As good as the game is, it isn’t without it’s faults, or big fault really. As this writing goes up there has been word of a patch incoming from the developers, but as it stands right now there are serious connecting issues with the game. When joining games it has taken me literally over 1 min on the average. That doesn’t sound too bad, but when you’re waiting for everything to sync up (search for games and connect to host) only to be bounced out back to the home screen after waiting 3 minutes, it can get quite frustrating. Although there is a single player “story” mode where you can learn the basics, Fat Princess is really primarily an online multiplayer game so when it doesn’t work the way it should it can really put a damper on the experience.

Overall I have to put this on anyone’s PS3 must buy list. It’s fun, competitive, and very different from most games out there today. At $15 it’s by far the best bang for your buck that you’ll get this summer, as this game should entertain for a good long time. Although there are connecting issues they are currently being addressed, and it shouldn’t stop you from picking up this gem.

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