Review: Marvel Vs Capcom Origins

Review: Marvel Vs Capcom Origins

Marvel Vs Capcom is a game that has always been praised and admired by many from within and outside of the fighting game community. Capcom saw it fit to give gamers a chance to experience the beginnings of the fighting game franchise with the release of Marvel Vs Capcom Origins. The package features two classic fighting games that helped kick off the franchise, Marvel Vs Capcom Clash of Super Heroes and Marvel Super Heroes.

Marvel Super Heroes features various Marvel characters facing off in order to save the world from Thanos. Some not familiar with comic books might remember him from the end of The Avengers movie. Marvel Vs Capcom Clash of Super Heroes is the first game in the series but technically the second game with Marvel and Capcom characters facing off while having to face off against the fearsome Onslaught.


The graphics in the games are still the same with a few filters to smooth out things and the ability to add scan lines to give that arcade cabinet feel. User interfaces in the games stand out dramatically, though, because of their crisp textures compared to those of the games’ original interface and graphics. It is not necessarily a bad thing, but the stark contrast does throw off the cohesiveness  of the visuals when pausing in the middle of a fight or using one of the several new view modes. The new view modes are actually really cool and some even give the look of playing on an arcade cabinet or looking over the shoulder of someone playing, which might not be the most practical view for playing.

The sound in the game has seen little change, and honestly that is not a bad thing with some of the great tracks featured in the game. If gamers enjoyed the sound track when the games were originally released then they will enjoy it here with its remixes of tracks that include some pretty awesome Megaman and Street Fighter remixes.

What makes or breaks these games is their gameplay. Both games still play the same way as they did when originally released, which means all the balancing issues and infinite combos in the originals will still be there. The thing is with the balancing issues still there, the games actually still maintain the simplicity and charm that made them fun.


Marvel Super Heroes is a straight forward fighting game with a quick pace similar to that of the Street Fighter Alpha series. The game also features various Infinity Gauntlet gems that are thrown into battle for players to battle for and make use of during battle, such as the Soul Gem that restores a player’s life bar.

Marvel Vs Capcom is the first game in the series and introduces the character swapping mechanic so players can swap in and out characters during a fight until both of their characters are defeated. The game features several fighters to choose from and almost endless combinations, not including the fact of the all the assist characters available in the game.

There are a few modes for players to choose from such as arcade, local multiplayer, and two online modes. The arcade mode is straight forward and brings forward the arcade mode of the game for players to play through in each game, which rewards points for unlockables upon completion. Local multiplayer will allow two players to face against each other from the comfort of a couch.

The newest additions to both games are the online modes that feature Ranked Matches and Player Matches. In Ranked Matches, players will face off with their ranking points put on the line as the winner of matches will get points from the loser based on the point difference between the two. Player Matches are a casual affair with the ability to form parties and face off against other players with nothing on the line while earning points for unlockables. The games both play very well with no slow down issues when facing off against other players and with the frantic pace of MvC this is an impressive feat.

Marvel Vs Capcom Origins features a wealth of features and additions including some features that fighting game fans would enjoy for online. Players will be able to watch replays and craft the settings of the fights to their own liking, as well as change their settings for the kind of players they want to face off against online based on connection or region. The games feature a wealth of unlockables that will have gamers playing for days on end to get everything unlocked. Another new feature is the ability to work through various challenges in the game by performing certain moves or pulling off difficult combos.


There is much that is enjoyable in the games, but there are some missed opportunities here by Capcom. The challenges here do feel like a step back with other fighting games including a full mode for challenges to be completed for each characters similar to that seen in Street Fighter IV. Also, it feels as though X-Men Vs Street Fighter should have been in the collection as well. Another sour point is the lack of being able to spectate matches outside of a created lobby that advanced players would find useful in studying moves. These are minor misses that do not take away from the game but they could have made this collection even better.

Fighting game fans that want to experience the beginning of the Marvel Vs Capcom franchise will want to check this game out for sure. But, be warned that the game does feature balancing issues, a contrast in graphics and interface, and some missed opportunities. The flaws do nothing to hold the game back because it is still a fun game that still features very good-looking in game sprites and a plethora of modes and unlockables to keep any players busy.