Review: Pushmo World – The Pieces All Fall into Place

Review: Pushmo World – The Pieces All Fall into Place

Sometimes the sheer number of sweeping epics, fantastic adventures and complex tales of morality and navel gazing can really take a toll on a gamer.

Luckily you can always fall back on simple titles that are easy to learn and even easier to pick up and play whenever you like. Pushmo World is absolutely that title, and it’s refreshingly wonderful.

Pushmo World, the third in the series and the first console title, stars adorable round shape creatures whose biggest problems only require a bit of puzzle solving. As the main character Mallo, your job is to solve unique puzzles called Pushmos in order to save children have been trapped within.


A Pushmo puzzle consists of various shaped blocks that either stack or wrap around each other in bizarre ways. Each block can only be pulled or pushed three steps back or forward and the name of the game is to manipulate the pieces in such a way that allows you to climb the structure and reach the top.

Naturally platforming is also vital to the completion of puzzles, as players must make harrowing leaps to higher areas to reach the top. Entire puzzles can be ruined if you make a wrong jump and come tumbling back down to the bottom; luckily the game has a pretty nifty feature that allows you to briefly rewind time to the moment before the mistake. It’s very handy and takes out a lot of potential frustration.

There are 250 unique puzzles that can be solved at your leisure and if you ever find yourself unable to solve one, you can simply skip that puzzle and return to it whenever you’d like. Each puzzle has a certain star ranking (one star to five stars, with five the highest) that denotes its difficult.y Players can also train in a special training stage and learn more advanced techniques for completing Pushmos; more stages unlock as you progress in the game. It’s useful as a nice breather between puzzles, especially when you inevitably get stuck.


The game supports a forced off-screen mode as both the TV and Gamepad will always have the game displayed. If you want to play solely on Gamepad, it’s as easy as turning off the TV or switching the input. Honestly, this title is perfect for off-screen play due to its simplistic nature.

Controls are responsive and easy to learn, while the music is incredibly relaxing. It doesn’t hurt than the denizens of the world are so cute too.

Pushmo World is an excellent mini-title for your Wii U library and is well suited for nearly any age group. The puzzles can get very challenging later on but that Eureka moment when you finally created a solution from nothing is incomparable. And for just $10, you’d be doing yourself a disservice by missing out.