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By Al Zamora

August 6, 2009

Resident Evil 4 Mobile Edition is an iPhone game based on the original classic that first appeared on the Gamecube. Resident Evil had gone mobile before in Resident Evil Degeneration, but RE4 looks to take it to the next level. The plot unfolds with 6 years having passed since Raccoon city got ravaged and Umbrella Corporation being broken up. You are still Leon Kennedy and are sent to save the daughter of a President in Europe. Enter some good old fashioned zombie action and you have Resident Evil 4 Mobile Edition. Does this resident Evil live up to the blood and gore of back in the day or does it fail to live up to the classic?

This Resident Evil is broken up into 12 missions that are more of a greatest-hits from the classic title. It isn’t an exact port of the original, but does a great job of encompassing the feel of the classic. The visuals and graphics are great and can arguably be called one of the best looking iPhone games to date. Typically the game is a third person shooter much like all the other titles and controls much like any other Resident Evil game in that you cannot move and shoot. There are some camera issues when Leon gets too close to walls and the camera hovers right over his shoulder or behind his head. Another bit of an issue is that occasionally the colors of the zombies will blend into the background, which makes them seem to appear to out of nowhere.

The controls in the game are pretty good. You have a joystick on the left that mimics an analog controller pretty well, so when you hold it further up Leon runs faster. One thing that can take some getting used to is when you draw your weapon, you will then have to hit a button in order to return back to walking. The controls overall do a great job of living up to what players are used to in the Resident Evil franchises. A nice addition is the incorporation of having the ability to shake your phone in order to get zombies off of you, which will allow you to perform a physical attack. Aiming can be tough at times; especially if you are trying to target a zombie’s head or shoot a weapon out of their hands, but this is more a function of the fact that there is no tactile feel to the movement stick.

You can still talk to the trench coat merchant and buy bullets and herbs. You still have the ability to equip different weapons and combine herbs to make them stronger. Picking up items from downed zombies is straight forward and simple enough with icons appearing when you walk over items.

There is a mercenaries mode unlocked when you beat the stages. In total there are 24 timed stages with special goals like killing a certain amount of zombies in a specified time frame. This mode lets you build up your cash flow which will prove important for you to get through the story mode with enough bullets and herbs.

Resident Evil 4 Mobile Edition is a pretty game that pushes the iPhone to the edge. At $7.99 there is a lot of game to play. Controls can take some getting used to and can be a make or break for this title. Unfortunately right now there isn’t a Lite version or demo for you to try out, so if you have a buddy that has the game I do recommend for you try it. This is a solid pick up for any gamer that owns an iPhone and craves killing some zombies on the go.

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