Resident Evil 5: Lost In Nightmares Review

Resident Evil 5: Lost In Nightmares Review

width="300"When Resident Evil 5 was released last year, many fans complained about the game being a departure from its survival/horror roots. The game was an action title in execution as well as atmosphere. Lost in Nightmares seems like it is Capcoms response to this criticism, but is it too little too late. Also, is it worth the price tag.

Lost in Nightmares is the first of a series of Resident Evil DLC releasing in the month of March. LIN looks to fill a hole left in the plot of Resident Evil 5. In Resident Evil 5, you know something happened between Wesker, Chris and Jill, but it is only hinted at and never explicitly explained. LIN is the explanation to this. In LIN, you play as Chris and Jill as they look for Spencer at his estate. Upon starting this mission, you know things are not as they seem.

The one thing I must applaud Capcom for is making a return to the survival/horror aesthetic. The mood is set from the start and does not let up throughout the entire mission. The lack of music, the sound effects, the lightning, all of these make the mood extra creepy. An event that happens about half way through the mission adds a lot of suspense to the entire mission.

The length of this mission is roughly an hour first time through, which is disappointing for the $5 price tag. The DLC includes the usual, rudimentary puzzles that Resident Evil fans have come to expect. Also, there are no fixes to the screen tearing or framerate dips.

Overall, I found this DLC pack to be thoroughly enjoyable, but don’t expect anything overly special. With the release of Resident Evil Gold Edition, I would recommend buying it for $49.99 since it comes with the DLC. If you already own the game, then I guess you might as well pony up the $5 if you want to experience this DLC.


Title: Resident Evil 5: Lost in Nightmares
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Available For:Xbox 360 and PC
Release Date: Available Now
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