Review: Stick It to the Man! – Stick It Where It Counts

Review: Stick It to the Man! – Stick It Where It Counts

Meet Ray, your seemingly normal everyday guy. Ray has a job, a girlfriend and a place to live. But after a random incident that puts Ray into a coma, he wakes up to find that he has an extrasensory power—although it takes a sixteen foot long pink “spaghetti arm” sticking out of his brain for him to gain the ability to read the minds of those around him. Ray’s pink third “arm” also gives him the ability to alter the paper world in which he lives in by using stickers.

Ray wants to desperately figure out what’s happening to him, but comes to find that there are secret agents on his trail sent by the Man. It’s up to Ray to escape the evil clutches of his enemy, who wants the “spaghetti arm” for his own personal benefit and world domination. If you were an evil mastermind, wouldn’t you want the ability to know what your enemies were thinking at all time? I know I would.

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Stick It to the Man! is a humorously creative adventure puzzle platform game, developed by Zoink, with dialog writing credits by Adventure Time comic writer, Ryan North. Throughout the story, you’ll come across all sorts from all walks of life that have quite a lot of interesting things to say, both physically and mentally.

With the ability to read the thoughts of those around you, you’ll need to enter the minds of the various characters (hundreds to be exact) throughout the game’s story to find ways to escape the Man and his agents, who will stop at nothing to take Ray’s ability from him.

Stick It to the Man! is a brilliant yet abnormal creation. A great concept of a story that uses a very artistic and unique art style that brings a paper world to life.

Rip, tear and peal back layers of the world to unleash stickers and characters that help you along your way as you travel to places like the carnival, a psychiatric ward full of imaginary and real characters (even dead ones) and at one point you’ll even venture into the dark corners of Ray’s own brain. A definite adventure is to be had.

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Throughout my play-through, I couldn’t help but laugh hysterically at the situations that myself (and Ray) were experiencing. Listening to characters talk about situations in their life, like how badly they need to beat Silver Surfer on the NES or hearing a bald yeti’s true emotions over her true love. Santa and Rudolph even made an appearance at one point.

Throughout the game, you’ll need to unlock a series of stickers in order to progress to the next chapter. When you unlock stickers, you’ll have to stick them in the correct part of the chapter–they won’t just go anywhere. Once you’ve found the correct place to put them, you’ll progress a little further. If you ever get stuck figuring out where to put your sticker, don’t forget to read someone’s mind for a clue on where it goes. I mean, you do have the ability to read mind’s, utilize it.

The voice acting within the game was great. Many of the voices within the game (both male and female) were provided by Ty Konzak, and he does a perfect job providing the voices of both Ray and The Man. As I mentioned earlier, the dialog for Stick It to the Man! was scripted by Ryan North, who is most recognized by his work with Adventure Time. So, you can pretty much expect great quotes and a funny story here. It didn’t fail me.

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The entire game took me roughly six to seven hours to complete…about your average length of a single-player campaign nowadays. There is nothing wrong with that because everything from the story to the actual gameplay was entertaining and moved quite smoothly, as you’re always wondering what Ray is going to run into next, where he’ll go and even what other different kinds of quirky and unique characters exist within the world.

The game’s controls are rather simplistic and easy-to-use. Nothing too overly complicated. You have your standard jump and action buttons, walking and looking around with the joystick functions. That’s pretty much the only buttons that you’ll need to use while you play. A miniature tutorial at the beginning of the game will give you all of the details that you’ll need in order to control Ray and his rather large pink spaghetti-arm.

I wouldn’t say that Stick It to the Man! was epic, by any means. But, it was entertaining and fun to say the least. It will definitely strike a chord with all of you Adventure Time fans out there who enjoy a funny story that is sure to bring you a few hours of laughs or side-aches, depending on your sense of humor.

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Overall, Stick It to the Man! was a good experience. I never ran into any situations where I felt frustrated or any bugs and/or glitches for that matter. Although, there may have been a few times where I became stuck trying to figure out what I should do next, but after venturing around the chapter a little further and reading the minds of those around me, I figured out what I needed to do next in order to progress in the game.

All in all, a fun time is definitely meant to be had here. I hope you can enjoy your own experience with this as much as I enjoyed mine. It’s worth checking out.