Review: Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition

Review: Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition

What has been promised to be the last update to the Street Fighter IV series, Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition arrives as both a download and standalone title. For those who already own Super Street Fighter IV, the Arcade Edition download will add four new characters, more versatility with online features, and balancing tweaks. The standalone title will bring you everything up to this latest update just in disc form. So, is this latest revamp to a game that came out two and a half years ago worth checking out? Let’s break down the pros and cons.


Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition brings up the character count from 35 to 39. Yun, Yang, Evil Ryu and Oni join the big cast of Street Fighter characters, and they come with all the trimmings all the other characters have. This includes an intro and ending, a theme, costumes, two ultras and a super. Yun and Yang first appeared on Street Fighter III, and it’s nice to see the two brothers return to the Street Fighter scene after so many years. They look more similar than they actually play. They play similarly, but different enough to warrant the inclusion of both of them.

Evil Ryu and Oni look and play like variations of already established Super Street Fighter IV characters, Akuma and Gouken. This is where my first gripe comes in. Sure, to the super hardcore they may be very, very different in style and movesets, but to anyone else, these characters are just glorified clones. One or two new moves just doesn’t cut it. They come off as glorified clones, and that, to me, comes off as lazy.

Online features new to Arcade Edition includes the ability to open up a lobby with a custom room name, the ability to follow replays of certain players, and the ability to show replays off to friends who are in a lobby with you. These features are small upgrades to what we already had, but definitely appreciated. Those with Arcade Edition can also play with those without, because of a mandatory update that everyone needs to download. This means that Arcade Edition players can interact with “regular” players. Regular players will just be stuck seeing four characters on the character select screen that they cannot choose.


A huge part of this update is the character balancing tweaks made to keep the game competitive and fair. Some characters have been strengthened and some have been nerfed, and this may be the defining reason as to why so many will be downloading/purchasing Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. With the inclusion of 4 new characters, this had to happen, and hardcore players will be able to recognize some of the changes almost immediately — if they haven’t checked out internet forums and such already.

For the $15 price tag as a download, it may be a little steep for this update. Super Street Fighter IV is very much still playable without Arcade Edition, especially since players from both versions can still play against each other. Casual players will not appreciate the update as much as the seasoned veterans. On the other hand, if you don’t already own Super Street Fighter IV, then the standalone disc for the $40 price is definitely worth it. This is the defining version of a great fighting game, and it will stay relevant for years to come. A solid update, but may not be for everyone.

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  • Title: Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition
  • Platform Reviewed: Xbox 360
  • Developer: Dimps/Capcom
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Release Date: June 28, 2011
  • MSRP: $14.99/1200 Microsoft Points (DLC), $39.99 (Disc)
  • Review Copy Info: A review code of this title was provided to DualShockers, Inc. by the publisher for the purpose of this review.