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By Evan Velez

September 29, 2009

If anyone here reads my PlayStation Store updates, then you would know that I scorned this game a tad for being yet another zombie killing game. I guess first impressions can change, because I got the chance to purchase Zombie Apocalypse on the PSN and I will say this right now, definitely give this game a chance.

Zombie Apocalypse has a very simple premise, you are armed with an assault rifle and a chainsaw, and there are brain-eating zombies that spawn out of the ground that need to die, so kill them. There are seven arenas in which the game takes place, and each arena has its own unique set of environmental hazards. The weapons are nothing too much out of the ordinary, you have your assault rifle, smg, hunting rifle, shotgun, etc. You also have a chainsaw that can be used as is or by using L1, you can dig it into your enemy. This game is anything but short, with 55 days to play, finishing the main game will take time. (The game is broken up into days, sorry I didn’t specify sooner.) Periodically, there will be a woman that needs to be saved, and if you protect her, then you get a hefty bonus. If you don’t, she turns to a zombie and you receive no bonus. The inclusion of different types of zombies keeps the game from really stagnating. The point multiplier is nice because it causes you to play riskier than you usually would. Every 5 kills earns you +1x multiplier, which racks you up more points, but if you use the chainsaw to dig into someone, you earn a +3x multiplier. Remember, if you die, your multiplier goes back to 1x. There is also the inclusion of zombie “bait” which is a talking teddy bear that is filled with c4, errr, I mean love. I thought that the zombie bait was a hilarious addition to the already beefy arsenal that the player is equipped with.

At first glance, Zombie Apocalypse is very similar to another PSN release, Burn Zombie Burn, and yes, it is very similar as far as premise goes; however, Zombie Apocalypse is a dual stick style shooter, like Super Stardust HD, which scores a lot of points from a SSHD fanatic. Zombie Apocalypse is host to wonderful graphics and a consistent frame rate. For the multitudes of zombies on screen at a time I did not experience any dip in frame rate. Also, Zombie Apocalypse has a sound track that adds to the gameplay, giving a sense of thrill to the gaming experience. Another nice addition is that depending on how you do in each stage will determine what your character will say at the end. The implementation of trophies in this title is done in my favorite way. The trophies are actually landmarks for unlocking new modes of play, which I feel is the way trophies should work in downloadable titles. This really adds a greater sense of replay value to this game, especially beyond just making it a trophy ho game. There is the inclusion of local and online multiplayer, which really adds to the longevity of the Zombie Apocalypse experience. This caters to those who have a solid internet connection, or those who just like having some friends over and killing zombies over beers.

Some problems that I had with the game were that the weapons given did not help in certain circumstances. Also, some stages are so cluttered that some objects can’t be seen and end up killing you and this led to a lot of frustrations for myself. I would shake anyone’s hand if they could finish all 55 days in one playthrough, no continues. Lastly, the dialogue gets old real quick, especially with only 4 players to choose from.

Some games try to ride on the popularity of a trend and one can tell, but Zombie Apocalypse is a great game and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a game that has substantial replay value. Oh yea, and it’s FUN.

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  • Title: Zombie Apocalypse
  • Platform Reviewed: PS3
  • Developer: Nihilistic Software
  • Publisher: Konami
  • MSRP: 800 MS Points/$9.99 PSN
  • Available: Out Now
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