Revisiting the Idea of a FFVII Remake

I’ve thought about this long and hard, as have just about every Final Fantasy fan on the planet. Now, FFVII is far from my favorite in the franchise, but it does hold its own place in my cold, hard heart. I have thought about a remake with perhaps the character models from the Advent Children movie. The possibility for a remake of this fan favorite has cropped up on more than one occasion, for sure. Just recently, however, it has omnislashed its way back into the news.

According to PS3Blog, Tetsuya Nomura recently commented to Gamega Magazine about the other projects he’s working on for the upcoming year. He’s quoted as saying that one of them is “terribly waited from everyone and often REQUESTED by fans and even of the press crew that I meet all over the world” (that is likely a rough translation, anyway). Now, the only two things I can think of that would be that requested are a Final Fantasy VII remake and Kingdom Hearts III. Of course, the former probably has a larger movement behind it.

So, let’s see, if we were to see a remake of this classic PSOne title, how should it be done? Here’s my thoughts, in no particular order.

  • DO NOT change the story, only fix localization errors in the dialog.
  • Voice-overs for the characters are fine, as long as the above stays true.
  • For the sake of all all is good in this world do not add an online element to the game – this is even more true if the remake is on the PSP.
  • The only additions I would want to see is maybe a special optional Weapon that doesn’t affect the story in any way.
  • The music could be updated and remixed, that’s not a problem as long as the same melodies are there and it feels like we are actually playing FFVII.
  • A full console remake would be preferred, but a PSN download or a PSP release is hunky-dory, as well.

Those are my “must haves” if they do remake the game. Too many times when something is remade, useless elements and changes get made that makes the game feel less special to the players who originally played it. And update or remake is fine, but just don’t change anything. Now, the question is, what would you all want in a Final Fantasy VII remake? Let us know in the comments!

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Chad Awkerman

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