Rez Infinite’s PS4 Pro Enhancements detailed; Native 4K Available

Rez Infinite’s PS4 Pro Enhancements detailed; Native 4K Available

Today, Enhance Games provided details about the PS4 Pro enhancements for its recently released game: Rez Infinite.

Here are all the salient details:

  • If you own a 4K-capable display you can enjoy both Rez and Area X in 3840 x 2160 resolution — aka the entire games run in native 4K. There was no word on a bump in resolution for 1080p TVs.
  • For those running the game on PSVR the game will receive an increased resolution of 1920 x 1080, instead of 1440 x 810, which is found on the standard PS4. Even though the final resolution displayed on the headset is the same no matter what, the extra rendering from the PS4 Pro will make each particle look more clear and a little more solid, which will add up to objects and enemies that look more distinct and “real,” whether close-up or at a distance.
  • Frame-rate was not mentioned, nor HDR support.

Enhance also released the following zoomed in image showing how the increased resolution (standard PS4 left, PS4 Pro on the right) means smoother color gradients.


PlayStation 4 Pro support for Rez Infinite will launch on November 10th alongside the console. Check out some new PS4 Pro screenshots of the game below: