Re:ZERO Gets the PlayStation VR Treatment in Japan, Focusing on Rem and Emilia

Re:ZERO Gets the PlayStation VR Treatment in Japan, Focusing on Rem and Emilia

If you've always dreamed about Rem and Emilia from Re:ZERO letting you use their lap as a pillow, now PlayStation VR can make it a (virtual) reality.

Have you ever dreamed to interact with two of the most popular waifus of the anime industry? Ok, it’s probably just one, as the second is rather bland… But I digress.

CSR Reporter dropped a surprise release on the Japanese PlayStation Store in the form of the PlayStation VR version of Re:ZERO – Life in a Different World by VR.

Basically, it’s two games somewhat similar to Bandai Namco’s Summer Lesson, in which you’ll get to interact with either Rem or Emilia from the popular anime series Re:ZERO – Starting Life in Another World.  They were originally launched on mobile and then for PC back in October 2017.

Unfortunately, both games are in Japanese only. By visiting the Japanese PlayStation Store you can find The Different World Life with Emilia by VR and The Different World Life with Rem by VR, each costing 2,160 yen (about $20). Of course, you’ll need a Japanese PSN account. In case you don’t have one, you can find out how to create it in our handy guide.

The standard gameplay modes are “Lap Pillow,” “Sleeping” and “Appreciation.” Each does basically what it says on the tin, letting you set your head on your favorite waifu’s lap, lay on a bed together, or appreciate her 3D model in 360 degrees. There are also a bunch of special events happening at specific dates, including New Year, Valentine’s Day, White Day, Tanabata, Halloween, Christmas’ Eve, New Year’s Eve, and each heroine’s birthday.

You can check out the games in the video below, courtesy of YouTube user くまのこ.