Rhode Island and Phalanx Class Ships Offered as Part of Star Trek Online’s Summer Giveaway

on August 15, 2013 5:28 PM

We’re more than halfway through the week, and Cryptic has revealed today’s free item for those who want to take advantage of the Star Trek Online Summer Giveaway. Available starting today is the Rhode Island Class Starship, and updated variant of the Intrepid Class seen in Star Trek: Voyager.

The Klingon equivalent being given away is the Gorn Phalanx Science Vessel. Both ships come equipped with a unique console. The Rhode Island Class comes equipped with the Photonic Displacer Module which fools enemy targeting sensors, while the Phalanx Science Vessel comes with a Barrier Field Generator Console, an item that creates a near-impenetrable energy wall between the ship and enemy weapons fire.

Both ships are account-wide unlocks and will be able from today until tomorrow, August 16th, 2013 at 10am PDT.

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